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You Undoubtedly Need To Recruit Baldur’s Gate 3’s Resident Crypt Keeper


Don’t you hate it when individuals die? Nicely the advantage of dwelling in Faerûn is you could carry of us again, you simply have to know the precise individuals. Withers, Baldur’s Gate 3 very personal crypt keeper, can’t solely get well fallen allies, however assist you rebuild your character (although not change their look), and rent some further assist in your travels.

So let’s go over the place to search out him, how one can get him to affix your merry band of tadpole-infected misfits, and what you’ll achieve from allying with him.

The place to search out Withers

You received’t have to attend lengthy to get Withers. Actually, you will get him to affix your group quickly after the Illithid ship crashes. When you arrive on that darn seaside, there are at the least three paths you may take to search out him.

A map shows three areas of interest.

Screenshot: Larian Studios / Kotaku

Head to the ruins northeast of the crashed ship that lie simply north of the Overgrown Ruins waypoint. You’re prone to have a extremely dangerous time in case you stroll by way of the door proper subsequent to the Ruins waypoint, so as a substitute, hike on as much as the ruins a bit additional north the place you’ll discover the primary alternative to get into the Dank Crypt (cease laughing), which is the place Withers is having a coffin nap. Right here’s how one can get to the Crypt:

Be careful somebody might get hur—oh no, nicely that’s too dangerous now, isn’t it?
Gif: Larian Studios / Kotaku

  1. Above a crack and gap within the floor, you’ll see a “Basis Block” suspended by a crane. You’ll wish to shoot the rope holding it up (be sure you’re not standing beneath it. Sorry, Gale. I completely didn’t do this on objective). Drop down by way of the opening, go west into the corridor outdoors, then proceed by way of the west doorway right into a room with an altar and headless statue. Stroll by way of the door right here.
  2. Go to the north aspect of the ruins and chat with the thieves to realize entry (this can probably end in a battle). Take two lefts after which a proper by way of a doorway till you’re standing within the room with the altar and statue. Undergo the door on the west aspect right here.
  3. Run round to the northeast aspect of the ruins, climb down some vines, and hold going till you discover a hatch.

In case you take one of many first two choices right here, you’ll wish to take a left and head north within the Dank Crypt (go proper at your personal peril). Put together for a battle with the thieves in case you enter these methods.

A map shows a highlighted location.

Screenshot: Larian Studios / Kotaku

In case you take the hatch, you’ll climb down an iron ladder to enter a cave. Go northwest to enter the Dank Crypt.

On the northmost part of the Dank Crypt, you’ll discover a button on the high of the steps on the left that it’s best to spot after a profitable auto Notion test. Go over and hit it, however be ready for a battle with some spooky issues.

A skeleton glows green.

Screenshot: Larian Studios / Kotaku

When you cope with anybody silly sufficient to battle you, enter the room on the far north of this chamber, work together with the coffin, and have a chat with Withers. Don’t assault him. Hold the dialog on the optimistic aspect and he’ll supply to affix you.

In case you fail to get Withers at this level, he’ll present as much as your camp randomly searching for to affix you. However selecting to get him immediately is wise, as he’s fairly helpful.

Why it’s best to get Withers early

Withers’ most direct profit is the flexibility to revive fallen celebration members for 100 gold do you have to run out of revive scrolls. Simply chat with him at your camp to provoke the deal.

It’s also possible to pay him 200 gold to alter your class or respec your character or 100 gold to summon hirelings (who could be any of the 12 lessons within the recreation) who will be a part of you. Be aware {that a} hireling fills a celebration slot, that means you’ll have to go away somebody behind—which for me is okay since I don’t like Gale.

Being able to revive your fallen comrades, tweak your class ought to it not be functioning as you’d like, or rapidly recruit any class within the recreation is a reasonably helpful factor to have early on, as it’s going to assist you troubleshoot tough conditions with far better effectivity.