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You Ought to Play By All Of Phantom Liberty’s Routes In Cyberpunk 2077


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Screenshot: CD Projekt Pink / Kotaku

For those who get actually invested in your RPG choices, you may need performed one in every of Cyberpunk 2077’s Phantom Liberty routes after which put the growth down. It’s your manner of claiming “this was my story and that’s the way it performed out.” Typically, I’m all about enjoying RPGs identical to this—typically the thriller of what may have occurred is a part of the attraction of decision-based video games. That’s how issues work in the actual world. You make a alternative based mostly on the knowledge you will have, and you reside with it. Nevertheless, within the case of Phantom Liberty, I feel the growth is an exception the place it is best to play by way of each attainable endings.

With out moving into spoilers, Phantom Liberty has an ideal diverging level in the course of the Firestarter quest that’s decided by a choice you make. No matter which route you are taking, this quest results in the growth’s ultimate act, and each paths present a few of Cyberpunk 2077’s most memorable, climactic moments.

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For those who’ve performed by way of the unique endings of CD Projekt Pink’s messy, however much-improved RPG, you realize its a number of paths are fairly unapologetic in how a lot data from the opposite routes they withhold from you. For those who select to staff up with Rogue, you miss out on a haunting finale to the Arasaka story. That very same storytelling precept is baked into Phantom Liberty’s two conclusions.

I picked one alternative in my first run, and it felt like my “canon” resolution when all was stated and carried out. However for the sake of my overview, I reloaded an previous save and noticed the second route by way of, and was shocked at not solely how a lot story I missed, however how drastically the ultimate quest traces diverged into one thing utterly unrecognizable from the opposite.

Cyberpunk 2077 is a recreation about decisions and penalties, and Phantom Liberty is not any completely different. However enjoying by way of the opposite alternative, even when it’s not the choice you wish to make, significantly enriches the textual content of the growth. For those who’ve performed by way of one route and felt glad with what you noticed, I nonetheless advise you to see the remainder of the growth by way of, as a result of it’ll doubtless make you are feeling much more strongly in regards to the resolution you made.