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What The Heck Does FF7 Rebirth’s Dynamic Issue Do?


Remaining Fantasy VII Rebirth options a number of combating. And whereas the sport’s versatile materia system enables you to customise your combating model, you may also regulate the issue with three totally different choices at first, plus a fourth when you end the sport.

Dynamic Issue is without doubt one of the three preliminary choices, and it may be somewhat exhausting to know at first. However whereas it might not really feel prefer it makes a distinction early on, Dynamic is a invaluable setting if you happen to’re planning to spend so much of time grinding.

Dynamic Issue demystified

Dynamic Issue could also be new to Remaining Fantasy VII Rebirth, however conceptually it’s not too totally different from how problem works in lots of different roleplaying video games. When chosen, this feature will scale lower-powered enemies as much as your stage. This makes it a wonderful approach to preserve fight feeling full of life if you happen to’re on the market grinding open-world stuff.

Does Dynamic Issue scale tough enemies down?

Most likely not. In my time experimenting with these settings, robust fights by no means appeared to be simpler on Dynamic Issue. It solely ever appeared to lift lower-level enemies up. If you wish to decrease the issue stage of the fights, you’re higher off sticking with Regular or dropping right down to Straightforward mode.

Not like Onerous mode, you possibly can select Dynamic Issue from the start. So if you happen to’re planning on doing a ton of grinding and open-world questing, this can be a worthwhile setting to activate. You’ll be able to change the issue at any time anyway. Additionally not like Onerous mode, Dynamic Issue additionally leaves core talents like merchandise use in play.

What about Onerous Mode?

Onerous mode will unlock after you end the principle story in Rebirth. You’ll have to pick out it from the issue choice display screen in the principle menu. This feature considerably raises the issue of the sport throughout the board. There are additionally a variety of Chadley Fight Simulation fights which might be unique to Onerous mode.

Like in FF7 Remake, Onerous mode restricts you from utilizing objects in any respect. You’ll must depend on magic to heal and buff your occasion. Additionally, you can’t restore MP by resting at a blue bench. As a substitute, you’ll must relaxation at chocobo stops which require a Cushion to make use of.

In the event you’re trying to 100-percent Rebirth, you’re nearly definitely going to must take care of Onerous mode. Not solely are sure battle simulations solely out there in Onerous mode, however there are a variety of character Folio manuscripts which might be unique to the elevated problem setting.

In the event you’re simply gunning for the principle story, Regular or Straightforward mode ought to do you tremendous. However if you happen to’re out grinding open-world actions, chances are you’ll end up too OP for the story’s fundamental fights. If you wish to preserve these feeling difficult, give Dynamic Issue a strive.