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Web Drags ‘Scumfuck’ xQc For Gaza Response Video


Rampant gambler, content-stealer, and little stinker xQc—aka celebrity Twitch and Kick streamer Félix Lengyel—is in bother once more. The content material creator has been posting video “reactions” to warfare footage since the most recent irritation of the Israel-Hamas warfare in early October. Folks on-line are disturbed, however Lengyel doesn’t thoughts, since he’s nonetheless making a lot cash.

“after I take into consideration what scumfuck degenerate content material parasites seem like,” the YouTuber Noodle wrote on Twitter, “I don’t assume I may presumably create parody extra on the nostril than this.”

Lengyel responded to Noodle’s criticism with an image of his stacks of cash. When YouTuber Kwite weighed in and told Lengyel that his “soul stays empty,” Lengyel replied, “Your checking account relates,” alongside a photograph of a glittering, diamond-encrusted watch.

“All people acquired so mad,” Lengyel mentioned in a recent stream concerning the Twitter backlash. “They assume that that is about warfare, that is about this, everyone’s simply victimizing and no matter.”

However “I got here to a subject that I had no schooling on,” Lengyel mentioned. “Folks say, ‘you might have a accountability together with your platform to find out about this,’ no matter. I used to be like, ‘Okay, let’s study this.’”

Lengyel’s reactions to the continuing Palestinian genocide are typically impartial (“xQc Learns About Gaza”), typically bumbling (“Learning About The Israel-Palestine Conflict So You Don’t Have To”), and at all times absurd within the context of his different streams and movies (“TIKTOKS THAT MAKE YOU DIE LAUGHING!,” “A few of these TikToks made me snigger out loud,” “TIKTOKS THAT MADE ME LAUGH OUT LOUD!”).

“As I already defined,” Lengyel continued to say in his latest stream, “this was not about, like, warfare and demise, it was about, simply, dumbass habits no matter what the context is.”

That sums it up. We don’t must siphon malformed geopolitical opinions from xQc, a 27-year-old Overwatch participant with a bed room filled with, as he said once, “crusted-up liquid,” though his large on-line following bleakly makes him some of the influential folks on the planet. We should always reevaluate. We’re most likely higher than this.