18 April 2024
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Watch an Elaborate One-Shot Montage in ‘Música’

“My title is Rudy Mancuso. I’m the director, composer, and co-writer of ‘Música.’” [PIANO MUSIC PLAYING] “This sequence that I name the theatrical montage is sort of a five-minute oner. So the entire thing is shot in a single take. I assume it was all the time my unorthodox strategy to your typical second or third act montage. As you see right here, all of it begins in Rudy’s bed room. And Rudy, who’s performed by me, based mostly on me with this situation referred to as synesthesia, the place he has a novel relationship to sound. And music and sounds flip into rhythm. And the reveal is that we’re on a stage, opens up. And the intention of the scene was for the very chaotic power of making an attempt to tug off an elaborate oner with movable units which are flying out and in and being assembled and disassembled in actual time displays the chaos on this character’s life. That is the purpose within the movie the place Rudy is juggling the three individuals he cares about most in his life, and he’s mendacity to all of them. On the web page, it’s really referred to as the rhythm of lies. As we see right here, that is his long-time girlfriend, who’s making an attempt to rekindle issues with him, Haley, performed by Francesca Reale.” “Later.” “Yeah.” [MUSIC PLAYING] “Subsequent, we see that set disappear and a brand new arrange right here that’s meant to emulate Rudy’s home, Rudy’s mom’s kitchen, one other girl in his life that he’s mendacity to, who’s performed by my precise mom, Maria Mancuso.” “I promised — I promised Anwar that I might hang around with him.” “Oh, yeah?” “Yeah. However I’ll so long.” “O.Ok.” “I like you.” “All proper, I like you, too.” – [NON-ENGLISH] “O.Ok., all proper.” [MUSIC PLAYING] “After which, the third, in fact, that we’re about to see is his newfound relationship with Isabella, Camila Mendes right here, who performs Isabella, who he’s beginning to develop actually keen on. And what was necessary to me was that not solely that the digital camera by no means stopped, as a result of that’s troublesome and difficult and Rudy’s life is troublesome and difficult, but additionally have the lighting cues be syncopated to rhythm. So anytime a brand new mild is powered on and one other one is off, these cues are literally in time with the music. The opposite factor that was necessary to me was for Rudy to alter his personal wardrobe in actual time. And that the large query. How is basically going to alter outfits? And I stated, effectively, what if he simply adjustments it himself?” – [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] – [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] – [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] “In order that background, that piece, which I imagine is on wheels, needed to be flipped — rotated, flipped. Lights needed to fly out. New lights needed to fly in. And yeah, it’s a really stay performance-y, theatrical strategy to a montage, which was — which was all the time the imaginative and prescient. And at this level, we’re retracing our steps. Mainly, we went ahead and tracked Rudy from behind, rotated to the appropriate, after which got here again to the left. And now we’re going backwards, retracing the steps. Amazonia, which is a delicate nod to our studio — the digital camera at this level is now rotating a full 180, and we’re making an attempt on this second to emulate some form of nightlife, lounge, membership setting.” “However I can’t actually have a late evening tonight. I simply have a lot.” “Oh, it’s O.Ok.” “A lot stuff. Certain.” “I wish to, although.” “That’s superb.” “You perceive?” “Yeah.” “And the final stage location is the one you’re about to see right here, which is supposed to emulate a movie show, which we simply did with some intelligent lighting and projection. This complete piece was rather well ready. We didn’t have lots of time. I assume one by no means does. However notably to tug this oner off, as a result of it was very elaborate, we additionally had my very tall order of wanting it to additionally syncopate rhythmically. And all of it ends the place it started, which was additionally crucial to me. It begins and ends in Rudy’s bed room. And by the point the digital camera totally flips again round to the place we began, it appears to be like like we’re again within the bed room. You don’t see that divide behind him within the background. So with intelligent schematics designed by my manufacturing designer, Patrick Sullivan, and my wonderful DP Shane Hurlbut, and myself, we had been in a position to pull this unattainable factor off.” [PIANO MUSIC PLAYING]