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The Finest Construct For Black Swan, Honkai: Star Rail’s Mysterious Soothsayer


The primary main replace to Honkai: Star Rail was launched this week within the type of model 2.0. It brings with it a brand new space to discover, a continuation of the important story, and new characters to tug on the restricted banner. Section 1 of model 2.0 introduces Black Swan, a five-star Wind Nihility character out there on the Ripples in Reflection Character Occasion Warp. Gamers have till February 29 to carry her house.

And you need to positively be pulling for her whilst you can. Black Swan is definitely among the best DPS characters within the sport for the time being, because of her robust Injury over Time (DoT) within the type of the Arcana impact. She’s properly suited to gamers who like a DoT-focused construct and/or already run with Kafka of their staff. If you’re fortunate sufficient to get Black Swan throughout her banner then you definately’ll nonetheless must be sure you construct her correctly. Right here’s our advice on one of the best Gentle Cones, Relics, and extra that may take advantage of out of Black Swan’s ability set.

Finest Gentle Cones for Black Swan in Honkai: Star Rail

Brilliant Fixation Light Cone Banner for Reforged Remembrance in Honkai: Star Rail

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As a five-star character, Black Swan does have a Signature Gentle Cone out there on the present Good Fixation banner. “Reforged Remembrance” can be round till the tip of Section 1. The Signature Gentle Cone makes use of a stackable impact referred to as Prophet which Black Swan can absolutely stack when triggering her Final. As well as, “Reforged Remembrance” enormously will increase the wearer’s Impact Hit Charge and ATK. In case you aren’t fortunate sufficient to get Black Swan’s Signature Gentle Cone, there are some dependable four-star choices to make use of. Simply take into account that you need to strive to decide on Gentle Cones that enhance Black Swan’s Impact Hit Charge to greatest praise her capacity to stack Arcana. Listed here are our suggestions (stats are for Superimpose degree one).

  • Reforged Remembrance (5-Star): Will increase wearer’s Impact Hit Charge by 40%. When the wearer offers DMG to an enemy inflicted with Wind Shear, Burn, Shock, or Bleed, every respectively grants 1 stack of Prophet, stacking as much as 4 time(s). In a single battle, just one stack of Prophet might be granted for every sort of DoT. Each stack of Prophet will increase wearer’s ATK by 5% and permits the DoT dealt to disregard 7.2% of the goal’s DEF.
  • Endurance Is All You Want (5-Star): Will increase DMG dealt by the wearer by 24%. After each assault unleashed by the wearer, the wearer’s SPD will increase by 4.8%, stacking as much as 3 occasions. If the wearer hits an enemy goal that isn’t troubled by Erode, there’s a 100% base likelihood to inflict Erode on the goal. Enemies troubled with Erode are additionally thought of to be Shocked and can obtain Lightning DoT in the beginning of every flip equal to 60% of the wearer’s ATK, lasting for 1 flip.
  • Eyes of the Prey (4-Star): Will increase the wearer’s Impact Hit Charge by 20% and will increase DoT by 24%.
  • Earlier than the Tutorial Mission Begins (4-Star): Will increase the wearer’s Impact Hit Charge by 20%. When the wearer assaults enemies which have diminished DEF, regenerates 4 Vitality.

Finest Relics for Black Swan in Honkai: Star Rail

Black Swan Trailer: “Lullaby” | Honkai: Star Rail

With regards to Relics, the perfect set forBlack Swan is the four-piece Prisoner in Deep Confinement set. Along with rising the wearer’s ATK, it would additionally enable the wearer to disregard 6% of an enemy’s DEF if that enemy is troubled with DoT. Contemplating DoT is Black Swan’s bread and butter, this can praise her ability set completely.

Finest Ornaments for Black Swan in Honkai: Star Rail

Black Swan is greatest constructed round her Impact Hit Charge, so one of the best Planar Decoration to equip is Pan-Cosmic Industrial Enterprise. The Decoration will increase Impact Hit Charge by 10% and will increase the wearer’s ATK by 25% of the wearer’s present Impact Hit Charge. In case your Gentle Cone and Relic set are boosting Black Swan’s Impact Hit Charge, then this can give a fine addition to her ATK. If you’re going for a SPD-focused construct, then you may as a substitute equip both the House Sealing Station or Firmament Frontline Glamoth Ornaments to spice up Black Swan’s ATK relative to her SPD.

Finest Groups for Black Swan in Honkai: Star Rail

A very powerful factor to bear in mind is that you’ll want to have a DoT DPS to accompany Black Swan. Her Arcana stacking depends on enemies taking DoT harm in the beginning of their flip, so the significance of DoT can’t be overstated. It would be best to fill out the staff with a Assist and Healer.

At present the perfect staff for Black Swan is Kafka as DPS (since her package can present the Shock DoT on enemies), Ruan Mei as help (to make the most of her capacity to buff the occasion’s Break Effectivity), and Huohuo as Healer (for the added bonus of giving a lift to ATK). If you need a principally free-to-play staff, then you should use Serval as DPS, Asta as Assist, and Natasha as Healer.