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‘The Delinquents’ Assessment: Cash for Nothing

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To Morán (Daniel Eliás), who works at a financial institution, the scheme makes good financial sense. Over beers, he explains his thought to a colleague, Román (Esteban Bigliardi). Morán, you see, has robbed cash from their employer. He hasn’t taken an unreasonable quantity — merely what the 2 would earn in 25 extra years of working there. Morán intends to show himself in and go to jail for a lot lower than that: With good conduct, he calculates he’ll spend three and a half years behind bars. Within the interim, Román can watch the bag of money, which they’ll cut up. If Román refuses to cooperate, Morán may simply body him as an confederate anyway.

Nothing that thrilling occurs in “The Delinquents,” and in a way, the movie is an elaborate joke on viewers who go in anticipating excessive stakes. Like Morán, “The Delinquents” needs to stay modestly. It’s much less involved with satisfying the expectations of its style than to find waggish methods to deviate from them. To the movie’s considering, narrative is simply a assemble. “The Delinquents” makes a sport out of seeing how a lot doubling and wordplay it will possibly get away with with out being accused of preciousness. Intelligent wipes present the protagonists’ lives in parallel. Construction is unstable; a belated flashback reveals the pair to be linked in an sudden manner.

The movie will not be with out its charms or a humorousness. The scene during which Morán will get himself arrested, catching even the police off guard, is a comic book spotlight, as is the enterprise involving Laura (Laura Paredes, of “Trenque Lauquen”), a decided accountant assigned to research the theft for an insurance coverage firm. Her efforts to torment Román might need made for an ideal office comedy in their very own proper, however “The Delinquents” spends three hours scolding its viewers for being grasping.

The Delinquents
Not rated. In Spanish with subtitles. Operating time: 3 hours, 9 minutes. In theaters.