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That Gothic Pinocchio Soulslike Has A Fairly Neat Weapon Sturdiness Mechanic


Look, when you ask me, weapon sturdiness is a few bullshit. It’s ostensibly meant to encourage experimentation, however its implementation in video games like Useless Island 2 and The Legend of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom does extra to create complications than to encourage some extemporaneous testing of a wide range of weapon varieties, particularly in the course of a tense battle with a fearsome boss. Lies of P, the upcoming Bloodborne-inspired Soulslike by South Korean duo Neowiz Video games and Round8 Studio, has weapon sturdiness as effectively, however surprisingly, the best way it’s applied right here ends in a much more rewarding expertise.

Out on September 19 for PC, PlayStation consoles, and Xbox methods, Lies of P is a darkish, free reimagining of Carlo Collodi’s fairy story Pinocchio. As an alternative of being manufactured from wooden, nonetheless, protagonist P (who bears an eerie resemblance to actor Timothée Chalamet) is extra of an animatronic puppet, composed of mechanical components like bolts and cogs and is derived. He’s simply one among mastermaker Geppetto’s creations; the craftsman’s different dolls might be discovered all through the town, as soon as serving as butlers, police, even household pets. Now, although, they’ve all gone haywire, wreaking havoc throughout Krat.

Taking management of the clockwork doll, you slash your manner via a bloodied, steampunked Belle Époque-era France, chopping up the frenzied puppets to not solely save Geppetto but in addition to unravel the plague that’s inflicting the once-obedient marionettes to flip their shit and kill everybody. As you traverse the town smashing them to bits, you’ll discover 30-plus weapons that will help you in your quest, and as you utilize each, it can ultimately develop into boring and wish restore. Fortunately, the sport truly does one thing intelligent and funky with its weapon sturdiness system, and it entails the handy-dandy Grinder merchandise.

At all times grind your Lies of P weapons to peak sharpness

Every strike you land with a weapon, whether or not it’s a blunt one like a police baton or a sharp one similar to a skinny rapier, will see its sturdiness steadily lower. Assault sufficient instances and your weapon won’t solely do much less injury as its sturdiness depletes however will ultimately break when you don’t restore it earlier than it shatters. Nevertheless, the Grinder, an merchandise you’re gifted at first of the sport, can come to the rescue. Hooked up to P’s Sekiro-esque prosthetic left arm, referred to as the Legion Arm, it permits you to merely maintain a button to sharpen your blade and replenish its sturdiness as many instances as you need, everytime you need. Repairing your weapon within the sport each tops up the sturdiness gauge and grants you an assault injury bonus, particularly when you have particular upgrades for P that do issues like improve assault energy when weapon sturdiness is maxed out.

A injury buff is a pleasant bonus for taking good care of your weapons, however a couple of third of the best way via the sport, you’ll unlock a service provider inside the principle hub world of Resort Krat who can improve your Grinder with elemental results. By attaching a Grindstone to your weapon sharpener, you possibly can quickly imbue your armament with one thing like electrical energy for shock injury or hearth for burn injury, each of which actually harm sure sorts of enemies. Grindstones are fragile, particular objects that may solely be used a handful of instances, however the elemental results they grant are a blessing. If you happen to’re going up in opposition to an enemy that’s weak in opposition to hearth, the Flame Grindstone—and numerous different fire-based tools, such because the Flamberge Legion Arm that’s principally a flamethrower in your arm—shall be your besties. So, not solely are you replenishing your weapon as its sturdiness decreases to do extra injury, however you’re additionally imbuing your tools with a component to additional enhance your injury output. It’s not a foul trade-off for merely strolling slowly whereas repairing.

On this manner, Lies of P joins DMC-like motion sport Extremely Age amongst video games that do one thing worthwhile and fascinating with weapon sturdiness. Lies of P’s system rewards you for taking good care of the tools you decide up and recurrently use. It’s like scratching the weapon’s again—if it truly had a again to scratch, that’s. Both manner, when you handle your weapon, it can completely handle you.

Lies of P’s France is bloody and desolate, with imply puppets and even meaner people, all vying to place your mechanical ass in a everlasting case—that case being a coffin. And they’ll. It is a Soulslike, in spite of everything, the place problem is par for the course. However by listening to your weapon’s sturdiness and honing your tools earlier than—and through—a combat, you’ll give your self a literal sharp edge in battle. Hey, you want all the help you will get for these assholes.