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‘She Is Conann’ Assessment: Queen of the Barbarians

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“She Is Conann,” Bertrand Mandico’s gonzo-feminist riff on “Conan the Barbarian,” performs like an opera from hell. Within the first couple of minutes, Rainer (Elina Löwensohn) — a humanoid hound who could possibly be associated to the Crypt Keeper — terrorizes an previous lady wrapped in foil. The creature, who wears a boxy leather-based jacket and aviator sun shades, struts round and monologues in a snakelike whisper, after which bites off a bit of the lady’s flesh.

Rainer leads the hapless dame right into a glowing cavern, the place the queen of the barbarians herself, Conann, is perched on a excessive tower, clutching a human coronary heart that appears extra like a Christmas tree decoration.

“She Is Conann” is a very nasty type of sci-fi horror film, sprinkled with a little bit of glam-rock fairy mud. It unfolds virtually solely in a foggy underworld that resembles an elaborate haunted home. Versus computer-generated imagery, Mandico depends on constructed units and sensible results, which give the movie a stagey really feel. Its unabashedly extreme scenes of violence additionally provide a gross-out realism.

With Rainer as our information, the plot loosely revolves round Conann’s ascension to energy by way of the ages. First, she’s an harmless white teenager (Claire Duburcq) who witnesses a band of sadistic warriors chop her mom in half; then, she’s an androgynous 20-something (Christa Théret) who seems to be just like the offspring of David Bowie. Within the lengthiest act, she’s a Black lady with a fierce buzz lower and metallic threads (Sandra Parfait) residing in a metropolis along with her girlfriend.

It’s extra of a fever dream than an precise story, providing a queer counternarrative to the macho imaginative and prescient of the legendary warrior that’s as hypnotic as it’s gnarly.

She Is Conann
Not rated. Working time: 1 hour 45 minutes. In theaters.