18 April 2024
Games Technology

PSA: Unicorn Overlord’s Sellswords Make Leveling A Breeze

A knight slicing towards a buff woman, both wielding swords

Picture: Atlus

In Unicorn Overlord, Vanillaware’s tactical RPG, gamers are tasked with constructing a military to take again the Kingdom of Cornia from an evil emperor. This gargantuan activity takes tens of hours to finish, throughout which you could struggle your manner by way of a number of kingdoms, dealing with progressively tough battles with extra highly effective enemies. Beating the sport takes a mixture of strategic ability and leveling up sufficient so that you simply stand an opportunity. Or, you can simply use the Sellsword class and energy degree in a matter of minutes because of a newly found exploit.

Each class in Unicorn Overlord has entry to Valor Expertise. These are particular talents that devour Valor Factors however enable for issues like boosting injury, raining down arrows on enemies, and therapeutic allies. The Sellsword class has entry to the Valor Ability “Summon Warriors,” which summons an allied unit of mercenaries to the battlefield. That is the place the exploit lies. As found by @fromforestgreen on X (previously Twitter) the allied items that “Summon Warriors” name to the battlefield degree in an odd manner. You see, each battle in Unicorn Overlord has a numerical battle degree that dictates how tough it is going to be—the upper the quantity, the more durable the battle. That quantity doesn’t scale with gamers, however is predetermined within the recreation, so you can select to enter a degree 40 battle proper out of the gate in case you so want—you’ll simply probably get defeated in seconds.

When utilizing “Summon Warriors” the extent of the summoned unit is set by the battle degree. That alone isn’t an exploit for leveling, as these excessive degree items are momentary and disappear out of your military as soon as a battle is over. However, in case you enter the battle with a Sellsword, or a number of Sellswords (the simplest of which to search out is Berenice), then one thing enjoyable occurs. Through the use of the high-level allied items to chip down the well being of highly effective enemy items, gamers can then end off enemies with one in all their predominant underleveled items. This can then grant them an absurd quantity of expertise, and quickly degree them. In line with @fromforestgreen, this tactic has led to characters gaining near twenty ranges in the middle of one unit conflict. If executed correctly a participant may successfully degree their items to endgame energy in a single battle.

Gamers utilizing this tactic do should be acutely aware of getting sufficient assets to replenish Valor Factors and Stamina. Valor Factors are essential to summon the allied items and if an allied unit runs out of Stamina they may go away the battlefield. As a result of manner Unicorn Overlord is structured, doing this fast leveling may result in a speedrun of the sport, since participant’s can enter the ultimate battle of the sport after beating the extent 40 battle in Cornia blocking the capital metropolis. With that information, you may be happy to interrupt the sport utilizing the Sellsword exploit however in fact a lot of the enjoyment of taking part in Unicorn Overlord comes within the tactical problem of dealing with down and outsmarting your enemy.