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Pokémon’s Mega Evolutions Are Cool However Merciless


Everyone knows Mega Evolution is among the coolest gimmicks within the Pokémon sequence. These super-powered transformations debuted in Pokémon X and Y in 2013, and had been additional expanded in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Trainers use the facility of Mega Stones, which Pokémon maintain in battle, to present their ‘mon an influence enhance, a brand new, usually fairly elaborate type, and typically a brand new typing. Regardless of its recognition, Mega Evolution hasn’t been in a mainline sport since Technology VII. Possibly it’s simply my bleeding coronary heart, however I believe it’s in all probability an excellent factor, not due to any aggressive meta or my bitterness that Raichu didn’t get one, however as a result of a number of of those sick transformations truly damage the Pokémon who use them.

A subset of the Pokémon fanbase believes the explanation Mega Evolutions haven’t appeared in a number of video games is as a result of their existence is definitely a divergent level within the Pokémon universe’s timeline. The existence of a number of universes inside Pokémon has been a contentious talking point for some time, with proof from a lot of the video games seemingly implying the existence of a minimum of three continuities, and Mega Evolutions, or their absence, have been a central bullet level for these arguing in favor of the multiverse. They seem within the Ruby and Sapphire remakes, however not the unique Sport Boy Advance video games, implying that there’s some connection to these video games and X and Y, in addition to the Solar and Moon video games, all of which characteristic these particular transformations.

In the meantime, Sword and Protect did away with the mechanic completely, and that sport is famously meticulous in not referencing characters and occasions from earlier video games so it looks as if a clear break for the timeline historians. But it surely does imply that Mega Evolution has largely appeared in spin-off video games just like the gacha Pokémon Masters EX and Pokémon Go. That is all a lot to the chagrin of aggressive gamers who discover Mega Evolution a useful boon when preventing towards others. However y’all, what if we didn’t topic our pals to transformations that trigger them ache?

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Should you learn the Pokédex in video games with Mega Evolution, you’ll discover some extra entries within the digital encyclopedia that let you know somewhat about these new varieties. Generally, these dex descriptions illustrate how a lot energy a Pokémon positive factors by present process this transformation. Mega Mawile’s Extremely Moon description, as an example, says the second jaw it grows out of the again of its head is highly effective sufficient to chew by means of a boulder. Ampharos’ entry, in the meantime, explains its new electrical/dragon typing, saying Mega Evolution has awoken long-sleeping dragon genes that manifest in white wool akin to its earlier varieties Mareep and Flaffy. However then you definately discover some entries which can be truly sort of horrifying, as a result of they reveal the Mega Evolution transformation is actively painful for a minimum of among the Pokémon who use it.

Houndoom is certainly one of my favourite Pokémon, and its Mega type is fairly sick. Its cranium collar turns into an armor-like shoulder pad, and its horns develop bigger and level upward as an alternative of curving behind its head. Mega Houndoom seems to be fierce and highly effective, however one of many smaller particulars of its transformation is fairly alarming: Its claws change from the identical white, bone-like shade of its horns to a darkish crimson in contrast to anything in its shade palette. In keeping with its Extremely Solar dex entry, that is due to excessive inner temperatures sparked by the transformation, and these claws actively soften as Houndoom exists on this type. The Pokédex explicitly says that is painful to Houndoom, and but we didn’t know this element when the Mega type debuted in Pokémon X and Y. That is simply taste textual content, as most Pokédex entries are, however it does add a brand new wrinkle to utilizing the shape, figuring out you’re hurting your demon doggy by doing so.

Malva is shown with her Houndoom having mega evolved on a battlefield.

Picture: The Pokémon Firm / Bulbapedia

Scizor has comparable Pokédex entries in Pokémon Solar and Extremely Solar, each of which reference how its Mega Evolution type takes on such an extra of vitality that its metallic physique will begin to soften if it sustains the shape for an prolonged time period. Positive, it will get main protection boosts and highly effective, serrated claws, however no defensive enhance can shield it from itself on this type.

Whereas Houndoom and Scizor are susceptible to melting from Mega Evolution, different Pokémon expertise a brutal, painful rearrangement of their type that the Pokédex acknowledges interferes with their livelihood. Glalie, whose Mega type offers it an ice horn and a gaping maw of a mouth, apparently breaks its jaw to realize the evolution, in keeping with its Pokémon Solar dex entry. The Extremely Moon Pokédex expands upon this additional, revealing that, due to its dislocated jaw, Mega Glalie can’t eat, and is in fixed affected by starvation.

Fortunately, Mega Evolution is a brief transformation, and Pokémon can change again to their authentic varieties at will. In a approach, it feels consistent with the premise for Mega Evolution to be a major short-term energy enhance with some notable drawbacks that make it unimaginable to maintain outdoors of battle. However man, studying these dex entries simply makes me unhappy for the Pokémon who tackle these varieties.

A part of what makes issues like Scarlet and Violet’s Tera phenomenon preferable to some folks in aggressive play is that it’s a common mechanic any Pokémon can use, and the truth that the identical can’t be mentioned of Mega Evolution has at all times bummed me out. I might’ve beloved to have seen my boy Raichu get a Mega type and stand tall alongside others who obtained to tackle these transformations. However the extra I learn up on the toll Mega Evolution takes on Pokémon, the extra I believe possibly he lucked out. Aggressive meta be damned, I don’t wish to damage my little guys for a lift in injury.