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Penn & Teller Don’t Thoughts Being Fooled

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So far as actuality present competitions go, “Idiot Us” is remarkably simple. Performers go on the present and do a number of minutes of magic. The contestants aren’t competing in opposition to one another, solely in opposition to the supple minds of their hosts. The problem is to do a trick so complicated or so subtle that Penn & Teller, who, between the 2 of them, have an encyclopedic information of the craft, can not determine the way it was achieved.

After all, as with magic itself, nothing on the present is so simple as it seems. Charisma and showmanship do matter, even when they don’t essentially issue into which magicians earn the present’s tongue-in-cheek F.U. trophy, to not point out the bragging rights that include fooling two of the very best magicians on the planet. Certainly, the present’s hook — idiot us, or don’t — is, in itself, a trick.

“On one stage, the present actually isn’t about fooling us,” Jillette stated. “The present is mostly a showcase for magicians.”

In that function, the sequence has succeeded in spades, introducing worldwide audiences to scores of the very best magicians from across the globe. The CW present returned final week for its tenth season, with a brand new host (Brooke Burke, who replaces Alyson Hannigan), new acts and new methods from the duo, who shut every episode with an act of their very own.

“We’re now not in a position to do the well-known bullet catch trick, as a result of it’s now thought of in unhealthy style, and rightly so,” Teller stated of the trick, which, in his and Jillette’s model, the 2 magicians seem to fireside handguns instantly at one another’s faces. “So we’re going to do the identical trick with a wrist rocket and a lima bean.”