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One FF7 Rebirth Line Adjustments All the pieces We Know About Sephiroth


Closing Fantasy VII Rebirth appears poised to dive Buster Sword-first proper into tales in regards to the multiverse. And slightly than chasing drained developments just like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Sq. Enix’s three-game retelling of FF7 might come nearer to one of the vital influential comedian storylines of the final century: Disaster on Infinite Earths.

This DC Comics storyline from the mid-’80s takes place after a multiversal disaster led to infinite realities fusing collectively right into a single universe. Numerous superheroes died, and when the mud settled, there was just one Earth left. There have been loads of hints since Closing Fantasy VII Remake that this retelling of FF7 appears to exists in a parallel or rebooted universe. Will these universes merge by the top of the third sport?

There’s a suspicious line from September’s FF7 Rebirth release date reveal trailer that also sticks in my craw: “It’s upon us: the Reunion — when worlds merge,” Sephiroth says. This implies he desires to do greater than reunite Jenova—he desires to unite and dominate a number of worlds. So let’s dive slightly deeper into how that might play out.

Cloud and Aerith chat with fireworks in the background.

Screenshot: Sq. Enix

The Reunion idea

The Reunion is a haunting motif in FF7’s story, nevertheless it has nothing to do with worlds merging. Eearly within the Midgar part, foreboding figures in darkish hoods murmur a couple of “Reunion.” We finally study that Professor Hojo experimented on these individuals with Jenova cells to make supersoldiers.

“You see, even when Jenova’s physique is dismembered, it’ll finally turn into one once more,” Hojo explains. “That’s what is supposed by Jenova’s Reunion.”

Sometimes called a “calamity from the skies,” Jenova is a horrific shapeshifting alien with some type of psychic connection that features on the mobile stage. Sephiroth was injected with Jenova cells in utero and bought all kinds of superpowers, nevertheless it was a visit into the Lifestream that gave him practical immortality.

Sephiroth was rumored to have died within the Nibelheim incident 5 years previous to the sport. In actuality, he was flung down a Mako Reactor shaft. Moderately than get absorbed by the Lifestream like a standard particular person would, he seized management of Jenova’s bizarre organic community and coalesced a bodily type in a cocoon on the Northern Crater. (When you had been foggy on that order of occasions, don’t fear. It wasn’t significantly apparent within the days earlier than wiki websites.)

Even when Sephiroth’s manifestation on the Northern Crater is finally defeated, he does not stop to exist. His consciousness persists, creating the Geostigma illness within the animated sequel Introduction Kids that infects individuals with little bits of Jenova. He additionally conjures Remnants of himself, and one among them fuses with Jenova’s head to resurrect his bodily type for yet one more combat towards Cloud.

“I’ll…by no means be a reminiscence,” Sephiroth taunts when Cloud kills him but once more.

The Lifestream accommodates all of the reminiscences, feelings, and information of each one that ever lived, and the foundations round its relationship with time are murky at finest. In any case, Sephiroth can understand all of this and nonetheless management traces of Jenova within the failed clones, which embody Cloud — and probably Zack Honest.

Zack and Marlene chat while Cloud takes a snooze in the background

Screenshot: Sq. Enix

When worlds collide

In a July 2021 interview with The Gamer, Remake and Rebirth co-director Motomu Toriyama stated, “Remake is predicated on the unique, however is being made in spite of everything of these additions to the universe, so we wish to reap the benefits of that and are planning it out as a type of ‘coming collectively’ of all of the works set within the Closing Fantasy VII universe to this point.”

All through Remake, Sephiroth coaxes the social gathering alongside a path to defy the Whispers and create “a world of boundless freedom…past the place Destiny may comply with.” Then proper on the climax, we see the flashback to Zack’s ultimate stand on the outskirts of Midgar. By some means destroying the forces of Destiny allowed Zack to reside, however for what? Jeopardizing this fastened time limit creates one other world solely, the place issues are completely different. Contemplating the outlandish issues Jenova has been able to up to now, Sephiroth exerting his will throughout a number of timelines appears believable. It’s way more probably that the scope of the Lifestream expands throughout paralall worlds slightly than all through all of time.

All the pieces within the Compilation of Closing Fantasy VII — particularly Earlier than Disaster, Ever Disaster, Introduction Kids, and Dirge of Cerberus — is technically a part of the unique FF7 continuity, however there are a great deal of characters and ideas that aren’t even hinted at within the unique that exist in Remake and Compilation spinoff supplies. Then Zack’s world splits off from the core Remake timeline. We see in December 2023’s theme song announcement trailer that Biggs bemoans the lack of Barret, Wedge, Jessie, and Tifa to Zack. One other scene reveals Jessie dancing on-stage, presumably on the Gold Saucer, which needs to be both a flashback or yet one more world solely if she’s useless in each core timelines.

FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH – Summer time Sport Fest 2023 Trailer

There’s additionally the Summer Game Fest 2023 trailer that depicts a information report the place Barret, Tifa, Pink XIII, and Aerith are seemingly killed by a twister in Midgar. Later, we see Cloud gasping in regards to the Reunion in these signature robes, presumably on the Northern Crater with different clones. This may very well be what occurs to Cloud within the timeline the place Zack lives. With out the trauma of shedding Zack, Cloud might have by no means snapped out of his catatonic state, and he might have helped Sephiroth slightly than cease him from following via with Meteor. In one of the best case situation, we’re taking a look at a timeline the place Sephiroth can management not one however two superpowered troopers.

After Cloud strikes Sephiroth within the FF7 Remake finale, he’s sucked via a wormhole and dropped at the “fringe of creation.” Not solely does the wormhole evoke time journey and alternate realities, however each it and the void each additionally featured within the unique sport’s ultimate combat. Besides trendy graphics put us within the outer reaches of house.

“Our world will turn into part of it…at some point,” Sephiroth says, gazing out at a close-by galaxy. The celestial vibes really feel just like one thing he says in Introduction Kids: “What I would like, Cloud, is to sail the darkness of the cosmos with this planet as my vessel, simply as my mom did way back,” he says. “Then at some point we’ll discover a new planet and on its soil we’ll create a shining future.”

Sephiroth has the DNA of an alien that traveled the cosmos destroying planets with meteors, creating new life out of destruction by fairly actually smashing celestial objects collectively. His aim in Closing Fantasy VII Rebirth could also be to actually beginning a brand new world—in a means that’s way more damaging and cosmic in its scope.

Closing Fantasy VII Rebirth involves PS5 on February 29.