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J. Lo and Behold: Is She for Actual?

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Generally levity does obtain liftoff. Generally, Lopez can trick you into believing that life ought to be a parka hood with a mile of fur trim or an enormous home along with your nickname tiled throughout in knockoff glamour. But when “This Is Me … Now” is to be believed, it’s a mansion for one. She has solely ever needed to provide us what she’s needed for herself but by no means convincingly attained: consolation.

Lopez needs, wants, hungers, craves, wishes, seeks, pines, needs, desires, hopes, believes, yearns, aches, hustles. You possibly can see all of that within the onerous violence of her dancing — nothing comes simple, nothing flows. It’s numerous bursts and breaks. (Right here, she even retains within the sound of the dancer’s rustling cloth.) For 30 years she’s been at this: Mere leisure may not be sufficient. Lopez has all the time appeared out to show, hardly ever to savor, relish or bask. On the 23-year-old remix of her hit track “I’m Actual,” Lopez coos that second phrase, reworking it from a declaration of reality to a matter of existential doubt.

“This Is Me … Now” may simply have been customary as a pure valentine to her present husband, Ben Affleck; the album makes room for one, “Dear Ben, Pt. II.” As a substitute, Affleck could be discovered barking underneath coats of make-up as a cable information troll. Why not get him — or another star — proper subsequent to her in romantic drama as a substitute of what Lopez could be seen doing right here, curling up on an enormous sofa mouthing Barbra Streisand’s traces in “The Manner We Have been”? Streisand’s heart-wrenched seriousness might be Lopez’s. She shares the creative self-determinism that Streisand embodies, however opts to deal with that power like karaoke.

As a steward of her personal picture, Lopez may not imagine she has ever deserved reduction, stability, happiness, a shower. A striver with a “stressed coronary heart,” as she places it right here, is solely who she is. Attempting onerous is what she is aware of. Probably the most fascinating side of these newish Affleck Dunkin’ ads — all proper, one of the fascinating elements — is that the Boston lunk he’s taking part in finds himself auditioning for her, doing his endearingly embarrassing greatest to make musical impression. That man is aware of what Dr. Joe and the Superstar Zodiac don’t. Price and worthiness may be Lopez’s love language.

The unhappy information is that nothing in “This Is Me … Now” is as enjoyable — or humorous — as these commercials. This undertaking doesn’t appear to have introduced Lopez any nearer to serenity or levity. It’s an event for much more toil. Once more: She forged herself and a bunch of ladies to labor in a literal love manufacturing facility, and the situations are hazardous. Irrespective of how highly effective and playful Lopez appears on the reside stage — in Las Vegas or within the live performance scenes in her romantic comedy from two years in the past, “Marry Me,” or throughout her 2020 Tremendous Bowl halftime present with Shakira — she usually appears uncertain within the motion pictures, torn about how large or small, quiet or radiant to be. She appears pressured, perhaps even neurotic. (She has additionally put her fictional self on a shrink’s sofa.) With a reside performer, you need unquenchable. You’re paying for Class 5 Drive of Nature. However an actor wants no less than a number of scenes of plausible relaxation, and onscreen, she will hardly ever, reliably find peace.