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Is Peter Parker Extra Buff In Spider-Man 2? A Kotaku Investigation


Spider-Man 2, the extremely anticipated sequel to Insomniac Video games’ blockbuster 2018 action-adventure recreation, is out in the present day, October 20. And although there’s a lot to be stated concerning the impossibly quick fast-travel, the incredible opening scene, and the story to this point, there’s one factor that I can’t get off my thoughts: Peter Parker’s muscular tissues.

After I performed by way of Spider-Man 2’s opening scene, which steadily has Peter and Miles Morales preventing side-by-side, I seen that the previous appeared extra beefed up than within the unique recreation. And I’m not alone: The replies in my post on X (formerly Twitter) questioning if Peter acquired on that protein grind are full of individuals remarking on his physique.

The time period “caked up” is being thrown round, and never simply when he’s in that skin-tight go well with. Even when he’s not carrying the Spider-Man costume, Peter boasts a neck so thick he seems to be like a WWE wrestler. There’s actually no less than the phantasm of a buffed-up Peter, however is that this simply the results of the sequel being a PS5-only launch, and subsequently in a position to benefit from the current-gen consoles graphical rendering energy?

Or maybe Insomniac, figuring out that there are extra tag-team fights within the sequel, determined to make Peter a bit thicker so you could possibly higher delineate between him and Miles mid-battle. Perhaps Peter, regardless of struggling to maintain a job, clear his just lately deceased Aunt’s home, and in any other case stay a well-balanced life, determined to up his creatine consumption and begin meal-prepping some floor turkey and rice.

However hypothesis with out proof is irresponsible, particularly for a journalist. So I attempted to show that Peter Parker is extra muscular in Spider-Man 2 than he’s within the unique recreation. I’m an beginner weight-lifter myself, and I can acknowledge when a lat unfold seems to be decidedly extra spread-y than earlier variations. However that’s not sufficient—I requested different journalists who’re specialists within the discipline (“an actual twink to twunk second IMO,” stated io9’s James Whitbrook, who seen Peter’s neck and chest definition probably the most). I texted an ex who as soon as chided me for not mixing creatine into my food regimen. I pored over a video evaluating the visuals from the primary and second video games, lingering far too lengthy on his gluteal fold. That final one helped me see the variations in Peter’s base costume (colour adjustments, changes to patterns, and so forth.) in addition to the slight adjustments to his physique, which could possibly be the results of him getting older, spending extra time as Spider-Man moderately than Peter, or a brand new exercise routine.

Peter Parker's chest in Spider-Man 1 versus Spider-Man 2.

Screenshot: Nick930 / Insomniac / Sony / Kotaku

Right here’s what I seen. His neck is certainly thicker, which could possibly be the results of a rise in weighted shrugs (each dumbbell and Kirk) and/or weighted neck extensions. His lat unfold, or latissimus dorsi (which covers the width of your center and decrease again), is certainly bigger and extra outlined, doubtless the results of lat pull downs and/or pull-ups.

Side-by-side shots of Peter Parker's lower half in Spider-Man 1 and Spider-Man 2.

Peter Parker’s cupcake in Spider-Man 1 and his precise cake in Spider-Man 2.
Screenshot: Nick930 / Insomniac / Sony / Kotaku

Most significantly, his butt and hamstrings are extra outlined and juicy, which could possibly be because of Romanian deadlifts, sumo squats, and/or glute bridges. The truth that he’s a superhero doubtless contributes to him having a far simpler time gaining and firming muscle than your common individual—although you’ll undoubtedly see some outcomes in the event you begin mixing the aforementioned exercises into your day by day routine. You’re welcome.

I reached out to Insomniac Video games for remark relating to Peter’s physique, however didn’t obtain a response in time for publication. Regardless of this, I can say with some confidence that Spider-Man 2’s Peter Parker is a little more of a beefcake than he was within the earlier recreation. Case closed. I’ll await my Pulitzer.