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I am So Drained Of Crossover ‘Skins’ Cluttering Up Video Video games


One other day, one other massive online game crossover. This time it’s Bungie’s on-line looter shooter, Future 2, including Witcher 3-inspired armor to its digital retailer. Are you excited? I’m not. In actuality, I’m simply actually bored with each model mixing collectively, no matter whether or not it is sensible or is required, as if concocting the world’s worst stew.

On Tuesday, Bungie revealed some new Witcher-inspired skins at a time when the sport is at the moment struggling, and the builders are nonetheless recovering from painful layoffs. It’s unhealthy timing to drop such content material, however who cares about that? What actually issues is making extra money, which is all the level behind crossover skins like this.

Look, I’m no naive idiot. I perceive that the entire video games, motion pictures, books, and TV exhibits we take pleasure in are created largely so corporations can make cash. I get it. However even most corporate-backed artwork and leisure is made by not less than just a few people who find themselves attempting (and never all the time succeeding) to inform tales or share one thing of value with others.

However crossover skins—like that point Resident Evil characters popped up in Monster Hunter, or when “Scarface” became playable in PayDay 2—aren’t created for every other cause however to merge two standard issues and make some cash. It’s uncooked capitalism and pandering offered with no filter or excuse. It’s merely a writer or developer saying, “We took that factor you favored from no matter and crammed its carcass into this different factor you appear to love. Give us…uh, I don’t know…let’s say $20!” These crossover skins remind me of an old Tumblr that cataloged all the horrible “mash-ups” that existed on-line that have been merely two manufacturers mashed into one merchandise within the hopes of constructing a joke or promoting a shirt.

And as somebody who’s a really boring particular person in the case of lore and online game universes, it’s additionally annoying to see an increasing number of video games ruining their independently crafted worlds simply so G.I. Joe troopers or a personality from 5 Nights at Freddy’s may be flipped into money for a restricted time. I’m bored with this development not solely rising, however changing into normalized.

Am I a stick within the mud as a result of I need my fictional franchises to be separate from one another outdoors of very particular and uncommon events? Possibly, however I don’t care! I’m positive dying on this hill.

An image shows Master Chief from Halo standing next to the Rainbow Six Siege logo.

Picture: Ubisoft / Xbox

I do know there can be some individuals who clarify that I don’t have to purchase the skins. That I can ignore them. However in video games like Future or Rainbow Six Siege, these skins are shoved in my face with no choice to show them off. I assume the rationale this feature doesn’t exist is out of worry. Publishers are most likely involved about all the cash that might be misplaced if folks realized “Wait, people won’t see my Rick and Morty outfit?! No sale!” (Shout out to Halo: The Master Chief Collection for including a “Cover New Skins” choice to protect the basic expertise!)

In the end, I really feel like an outdated man yelling on the ever-shifting clouds. Publishers are making file quantities of cash off promoting costly beauty objects. So why on this planet would they cease including crossover skins to each online game persons are nonetheless taking part in in 2023?

I assume I’ll simply must give you some headcanon cause why Halo characters are hanging out with Rainbow Six Siege operators. Possibly, uh, the Grasp Chief outfit is a Halloween costume that the operator’s commander allowed him to put on throughout missions. Certain. No matter.