18 April 2024
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How To Unlock Clive’s Armor And Torgal From Remaining Fantasy 16 In FF14

Remaining Fantasy XIV’s newest crossover occasion has begun and it’s with none aside from final yr’s action-RPG Remaining Fantasy XVI. That’s proper, everybody’s favourite unhappy boy Clive Rosfield is making the bounce to the MMO, which is satirically led by Remaining Fantasy 16’s producer Naoki Yoshida. Clive’s a bit misplaced and not less than a little bit confused as to how he wound up in Eorzea while you discover him, and his temporary journey there culminates in a combat that’s climactic but acquainted to each FF14 and FF16 gamers.

As a reward for finishing the short-and-sweet crossover questline, which is working from now till Might 8 at 7:59am PDT, FF14 gamers can unlock Clive’s iconic gear (full with a titty window) in addition to a mount of his canine companion Torgal and a minion of Torgal as a pup.

Lacking: beautiful man with a number of chest

To start the crossover questline, gamers should first be degree 50 and have accomplished the hunt “Final Weapon.” Primarily, you need to have overwhelmed all of A Realm Reborn earlier than you may start.

When you’ve achieved that, or within the probably case that you just’ve lengthy since handed that time, head to Ul’Dah to start the questline. Teleport to the Aetheryte within the Steps of Nald for starters, after which head exterior. You’re going to be searching for a quest giver by the steps to your proper, kind of in your approach to the Pugilist’s Guild, known as “Neophyte Adventurer,” who’ll be sporting a quest known as “A Land On Hearth.” Seize this from them to start.

My Warrior of Light standing in front of the quest giver in Ul'Dah.

Screenshot: Kotaku / Sq. Enix

Work together with them to start a dialog a couple of dream they’d. Proceed by the dialogue selections (choose the Burning Wall simply to hurry issues up) after which teleport to Camp Drybone for the quickest route there. Comply with the target marker east from Camp Drybone and also you’ll discover a wandering minstrel to work together with. Speaking to the minstrel will spawn an interplay level for gamers to “survey” the world and search for one thing “off.” When you’re in first-person view and searching by the spyglass, you’re going to need to look slightly below you at a rock platform within the water with a little bit bridge. On the facet closest to you, and proper subsequent to/beneath an orange bulb, you’ll spot a “Unusual Man.” We’ve discovered our lacking man: Clive Rosfield. I feel you’re within the fallacious sport, man.

Discuss to him and also you’ll ultimately be ported again to Thanalan. Preserve following the goals and also you’ll wrap up the primary quest! Easy, eh?

Fortunately for us, this can be a Clive-centric questline so so long as you don’t lose sight of the attractive man, you’ll at all times be heading in the right direction. Discuss to him once more to select up the subsequent quest, “Path To Recall,” after which get able to do some typical MMO back-and-forths. You’ll ultimately bounce on an airship to Gridania (which baffles the person fully) and while you land there, he’ll start to comply with you want a misplaced pet. Comply with your map to those glowing circles round Gridania and constantly speak to Clive whilst you’re in them. The entire spots you want to hit are within the instant space, so don’t head into different zones! I repeat, don’t load into different zones. In any other case you’ll have to return to the airship touchdown and get Clive once more.

Preserve speaking to Clive at each glowing circle and he’ll ultimately overhear a dialog about Garuda, which upsets him. Discuss to the Serpent Scout afterwards and head to your new vacation spot (which remains to be within the instant space so simply stroll/run over), set off one other few conversations and increase, quest over. Now we get to the great things.

Come to me, Ifrit!

Decide up the “Path Infernal” quest to launch the final quest within the crossover. I do know, I’m additionally unhappy it’s over so rapidly. Watch the cutscene that performs out earlier than you and Clive are teleported right into a dream of types the place you come face-to-face with…Ifrit! Ifrit’s not solely the very first Primal that you just slay in FF14, however they’re additionally Clive’s Eikon, which he calls upon for energy and might rework into, in FF16. We’ve actually come full circle.

Ifrit will rework into their FF16 iteration (very cool, IMO) and start to combat. For this particular combat although, gamers may have two further actions and there’s a countdown mechanic carried out. First, gamers will be capable of use Clive’s FF16 uppercut, Rising Flame, to sprint at Ifrit and do large injury. It’s on a cooldown, so I recommend utilizing it the second it’s obtainable once more. The second motion is a dodge, which pairs with the countdown within the combat. On sure assaults, gamers will see a countdown that seems on the middle of the display like cube. As soon as it reaches zero, the Dodge icon will pop up and utilizing Dodge at that precise second will make for a profitable dodge. The Dodge motion will then turn into a Precision Strike parry. I encourage you to slam on the identical button the second you employ Dodge, since Precision Strike may also shut the hole between you and Ifrit.

Clive and my Warrior of Light facing off against Ifrit in the Bowl of Embers, where you first face them in Final Fantasy 14.

Screenshot: Kotaku / Sq. Enix

After a certain quantity of harm, Ifrit will bind Clive, taking him out of the combat briefly. A defensive glaive will seem alongside the road of vitality connecting Ifrit and Clive, and also you’re going to need to work together with it to start out a easy button-mashing QTE. As soon as that’s achieved, Clive might be again within the combat once more. Ifrit will ultimately summon swords from the sky that need to be broken earlier than their gauge fills, however you’ll do very minimal injury to start out. Await Clive to cost up his personal assault, leaving the swords weak, after which end them off. Past this, you must have yet one more button-mash earlier than Ifrit falls, at which level Clive treats you to a particular present.

In any other case, the Ifrit combat is a simple FF14 encounter. Keep away from the auras on the ground that sign the place Ifrit might be attacking and use Dodge to keep away from injury when prompted. Keep in mind to make use of Rising Flames to maximise your injury and Ifrit must be achieved and dusted very quickly in any respect.

Again to Valisthea

Whenever you emerge from the combat, you’ll have a brand new companion: Torgal! You’ll ultimately be advised to go again to the place you discovered Clive within the Burning Wall so head there, the place you’ll then be prompted to comply with Torgal, who’s making an attempt to information Clive again residence. You ought to be not less than degree 50 per the hunt necessities, so simply skirt across the mobs on the way in which and don’t pull aggro in order to not lose monitor of Torgal, in any other case you’ll need to reset. When you’ve gotten again to the spot the place you first discovered Clive, he and Torgal will depart for residence. Speaking to the hunt giver on the very finish will conclude this questline, and also you’ll be rewarded a Metian Apparel coffer, a Torgal mount whistle, and a Torgal pet minion. Utilizing all of those in your stock will unlock them to be used and then you definitely’ll have achieved it!

What did you consider the FF14/16 crossover? I personally admire how exhausting Sq. labored to canonize Clive’s look in Eorzea, which is defined and does truly match into part of FF16, surprisingly. However I assume I shouldn’t be so stunned; it’s actually not the most bewildering crossover in FF14’s historical past. I’d be down for an additional one with a number of the secondary solid. Perhaps a gathering between FF14 Cid and FF16 Cid? A boy can solely dream.