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Helldivers 2’s Robots Again With A Vengeance, Now Have Gunships And Strolling Tanks


A screenshot of a Helldivers 2 player fending off Automaton ships.

Picture: Arrowhead Recreation Studios / Sony

Warfare…struggle by no means adjustments…or not less than that’s what some folks say. They’d be improper although, as a result of within the case of the satirical co-op shooter Helldivers 2, struggle is ceaselessly altering—usually on the behest of the gamers—right into a neverending nightmare. The struggle that gamers signed up for when Helldivers 2 first launched is now not the identical one they’re combating today. It’s solely gotten worse.

After what was believed to be a decisive win in Malevelon Creek—in any other case recognized to the broader neighborhood as “Robotic Vietnam”— earlier this week, Helldivers 2 gamers realized what a merciless joke the victory was. Virtually instantly after, cloaked ships were spotted within the ambiance above a number of Automaton-controlled planets, portending a grim omen of what was to return. Earlier than lengthy, gamers have been reporting sightings of Automaton gunships hanging in low orbit and raining down hell on the battlefield. As if that wasn’t dangerous sufficient, large quadruped tanks (not not like Star Wars’ AT-ATs) generally known as manufacturing unit striders have been additionally noticed. So not solely do they fly now, however they’re additionally packing extra warmth than ever earlier than.