18 April 2024
Games Technology

Helldivers 2’s Hunters: What They Are And How To Kill ‘Em

Third-person co-op shooter Helldivers 2 has all kinds of enemy varieties to throw your means. Between the 2 enemy factions which are at the moment reside within the sport, the bug-like Terminids and the robotic Automatons, there are just below 20 distinct enemies. And Hunters, a part of the Terminid faction, generally is a fairly difficult foe to pin down with gunfire occasionally.

Although they’re fairly weak, they pack a punch and if they’ve numbers on you, you possibly can anticipate to die rapidly. This information will go over how you can establish a Hunter, how you can make brief work of them, and the place to seek out them do you have to be in want of searching down various.

Hunters are quick and harmful in teams

A player marks a Hunter with a red indicator, revealing their name.

Screenshot: Arrowhead Recreation Studios / Claire Jackson / Kotaku

There are two methods to inform in case you’re a Hunter. The simple means is to mark the creature in query after which transfer your digicam off them barely or unscope your gun. The marker will present the identify of whichever enemy you simply marked.

A player takes aim at an alerted Hunter.

Observe the raised fins of the Hunter.
Screenshot: Arrowhead Recreation Studios / Claire Jackson / Kotaku

The opposite means is to simply get used to what Hunters appear to be. Their most distinctive function are the fins that elevate up into the air once they catch wind of you close by. After they transfer towards you, they resemble a frog hopping. Additionally they make a sound that’s somewhat distinctive. Granted, most bugs make clicking and gurgling noises, however the Hunters do have their very own name you’ll start to establish in due time.

Hunters have a selected motion type you’ll study to identify.
Gif: Arrowhead Recreation Studios / Claire Jackson / Kotaku

Hunters don’t at all times transfer in a straight line. In truth, that’s form of their factor: They like to leap backward and forward after which launch themselves at you. It may be difficult to maintain up with them and so they’ll swiftly advance to you and your allies, so take ‘em out quick.

Their assault doesn’t fiddle both. In about 4 strikes they’ll kill a Helldiver, so if there’s a couple of (and there usually is), they’ll make brief work of you whereas making it arduous so that you can hold your weapon skilled on them.

General, Hunters go down rapidly in case you can hit them with a single Anti-Materiel Rifle shot or a very good, stable burst of your major assault rifle.

The place to seek out Hunters

Hunters are bugs, and bugs are Terminids. So head to simply about any system below Terminid management (the orange colour on the galaxy map) and also you’re more likely to come throughout them on most difficulties.

Although it doesn’t take a lot firepower to take down a Hunter in any respect, once they’re excessive in numbers, both with extra Hunters or different bug varieties, they’ll rapidly overwhelm you. Take ‘em out fast once they’ve caught your scent.