18 April 2024
Games Technology

Helldivers 2 Is Crammed With Mysterious Blue Lasers And Followers Have A Principle

Not too long ago, gamers combating for democracy in on-line co-op sci-fi shooter Helldivers 2 have noticed unusual blue lasers flying throughout the sky. Others have recorded video clips displaying the mysterious blue lasers taking out gamers with one shot. Some on-line are satisfied that these blue laser bolts are an indication {that a} new enemy faction (seen within the authentic Helldivers) will quickly be arriving within the fashionable PS5 and PC sequel.

Slightly background: Within the authentic top-down Helldivers sport, there have been three factions. Two of these are in Helldivers 2, the bugs and the bots. Nonetheless, the third faction, the mysterious alien race often called The Illuminate, is seemingly not round. However that is likely to be altering quickly. This once-aquatic race of super-advanced aliens—recognized for utilizing shields, robots, AI, and blue-energy weapons—is likely to be arriving in Helldivers 2 based mostly on the video clips and posts from gamers who’ve encountered these odd blue lasers throughout missions.

One of many first mentions of blue beams in Helldivers 2 got here not from followers or Reddit, however from a tweet posted on March 15 by Johan Pilestedt, the CEO of the Arrowhead Studios, the crew behind the favored shooter: “Blue beams aren’t actual, it could actually’t damage you.” Contemplating he additionally playfully “denied” the studies of flying bug enemies in Helldivers 2, I took this tweet as an indication that one thing was undoubtedly up within the sport.

If you happen to look around Reddit and YouTube, you may simply discover video clips showcasing these supposedly innocent and never actual “blue beams.”

Arrowhead Video games / Bulletstorm499

Typically the blue lasers are seen flying throughout the sky. Different occasions, gamers have noticed the beams firing at bugs and bots throughout missions.

Maybe most scary of all, is that some gamers have reported and recorded proof of those blue lasers concentrating on squadmates and taking them out with a single shot. That is eerily just like how Illuminate snipers operated within the first sport, too.

Arrowhead Video games / Weston Welborn

Now, there’s the counter-theory that these blue beams are simply bullets or lasers ricocheting off armored enemies or targets. When this occurs in-game, the projectiles flip blue and create a blurred path that appears like a laser beam, which may clarify among the blue beams seen within the numerous video clips on-line.

But, I’m not satisfied that principle works for the pictures that appear to be fired from out of nowhere, in areas with no enemies or gamers. It additionally doesn’t clarify the pictures that appear to fly out of the sky from excessive above to take out a random squadmate with an accuracy that appears otherworldly, both.

For now, when enjoying Helldivers 2, watch out. If you are out and about spreading democracy, there is likely to be one other hidden power of aliens watching your each transfer, able to snipe you with blue beams. Or perhaps we’re all simply hallucinating like Super Earth’s Ministry of Truth wants you to believe. I’ll allow you to resolve.