23 April 2024
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Followers Deem Last Fantasy VII Rebirth’s Moogle A Freaky Little Man

Gif: Sq. Enix / Claire Jackson / Kotaku

Moogles, one of many constant mascots of the Last Fantasy franchise, have taken many alternative varieties over the collection’ lifetime. Whereas they’re all the time mammalian in a roundabout way, they’ve resembled totally different animals equivalent to bears, bunnies, cats, and bats throughout iterations. These little guys are normally beloved, however the group is popping in opposition to the Last Fantasy VII Rebirth moogles as a result of why the hell does it have a whole set of rodent enamel?

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A part of the difficulty is comparability, as a result of Rebirth’s moogles subsequent to, say, Last Fantasy XVI’s reveals a stark distinction between the lovable, fuzzy little guys of final yr’s recreation and the bear-like, nearly human-faced ones of Rebirth. It’s such a jarring combine of various animals that I wouldn’t have identified it was a moogle if it weren’t for the attribute ball and wings.

Granted, the Last Fantasy XVI moogle loses factors for the bizarre vein within the ball on prime of its head, so each moogle design in all probability has one thing to nitpick. However you anticipate me to take a look at the Rebirth moogle and consider it doesn’t have a salaried administration place on the native Midgar Applebee’s and pays taxes yearly? You need me to assume this grownup man simply says “kupo” on a regular basis in a high-pitched vary and that his voice doesn’t drop down an octave the second he’s within the security of his own residence? I’m not shopping for it, Nomura. You possibly can’t idiot me. That’s a face that is aware of what an iPhone is.

Fortunately, I’m not alone in my revulsion, as followers are bullying the Rebirth moogles on-line.

Moogle design has modified a lot through the years that every Last Fantasy fan in all probability has a favourite. Personally, I’ve all the time had a smooth spot for the rabbit-like look of moogles within the Ivalice video games, Last Fantasy XII and Techniques. However what about you, readers? What’s your favourite moogle design? In the event you say Rebirth, I’ll assume you’re mendacity or simply have an affinity for weird little freakos.