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Followers Break up After Closing Fantasy VII Rebirth Reveals ‘Cait Sith’ Pronunciation


Closing Fantasy VII Rebirth, due out on February 29, will probably be giving Cait Sith, a cat-like social gathering member from the unique Closing Fantasy VII, his correct introduction within the Remake timeline. We’ll be getting numerous face time with our feline good friend within the sequel, however that naturally means individuals are going to be saying his identify, so Rebirth should take care of a long-simmering fan debate about the way you pronounce “Cait Sith.” Now, Sq. Enix has lastly revealed the identify’s pronunciation in Closing Fantasy VII Rebirth, and it’s inflicting some conflicting feelings amongst followers.

Whereas the background is clearly completely different, the identify Cait Sith originates from a creature in Celtic mythology. However numerous followers didn’t notice this after they met the character within the unique Closing Fantasy VII, which didn’t have voice performing. As such, swaths of the group have pronounced his identify the way in which it appears, nevertheless it appears like Closing Fantasy VII Rebirth is taking a tough stance. Sq. Enix made a post on Twitter (now referred to as X) saying Cait Sith will probably be pronounced like “Kate Sihth,” which is kind of what number of followers have been saying it, versus utilizing the unique Scottish Gaelic pronunciation “Ket Shee.”

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The response to this announcement has been blended, as you may see within the responses to Sq. Enix’s tweet. For some gamers this affirms the way in which they’ve stated Cait Sith’s identify for over 20 years. Others argue that is erasing the precise time period’s historical past, which is embedded in a wholly completely different tradition and folklore. The Japanese pronunciation is way nearer to the unique Gaelic, however English-speaking territories will get the extra anglicized pronunciation. In idea, Sq. Enix’s ruling might have ended a decades-long debate, however as a substitute it appears to have added extra logs to the fireplace.

Even when Closing Fantasy VII prolonged universe works like the Advent Children film gave voices to the characters, they typically talked round Cait Sith’s identify as a substitute of claiming it. In Dirge of Cerberus: Closing Fantasy VII, Cid pronounces Cait Sith like “Kate,” however given this was a spin-off sport, it’s probably a number of followers have by no means heard this trade. Here’s the clip of the scene. The identify drop occurs on the 40-second mark:

Sq. Enix / meeepuns

Pronunciation debates in Closing Fantasy aren’t new, particularly pertaining to character and idea names most individuals learn within the early days of the franchise earlier than 2000’s Closing Fantasy X gave its characters voices. Even that sport nonetheless has a raging debate surrounding the way to pronounce its protagonist’s identify, since you might rename Tidus nevertheless you needed and dialogue was rigorously written to by no means identify him out loud. Later spin-off video games just like the Dissidia franchise and Kingdom Hearts pronounced his identify “Tee-dus,” however even Kingdom Hearts II confused the difficulty by calling him “Tide-us.”

Closing Fantasy XVI bumped into this as nicely with protagonist Clive saying collection summon mainstay Ifrit like “If-reet,” versus “Eef-rit” in some previous iterations. Principally, Closing Fantasy followers have been working with inconsistent info on a number of fronts, and Cait Sith is only one of some examples.

Whereas we will debate the way to say “Cait Sith” all day, one factor we will all unanimously agree on is that Andrea Rhodea is the perfect character within the Closing Fantasy VII subseries, am I proper?

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