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FF7 Rebirth Needs You To Choose Mushrooms For Some Purpose (Right here’s How)


Ultimate Fantasy VII Rebirth is an epic RPG of heroism and villainy, set in a large fantasy world, full of thrilling quests the place you’ll…choose mushrooms? Okay, typically Cloud and Co. must seize some random odd jobs to fund their world-saving endeavors. Choosing mushrooms for Cissnei (who’s apparently an terrible prepare dinner) in “The Spice of Life” side-quest is a kind of very odd jobs.

Like most FF7 Rebirth quests, “The Spice of Life” is quite easy. Observe a canine, kill some issues, seize some salt, then choose some mushrooms. It’s that final half which is difficult: The mushroom selecting puzzle may be very straightforward to screw up in the event you’re not paying consideration.

Let’s go over the way to choose the proper Magonga mushroom first, assuming that is the half you’re having bother with. After the mushrooms, I’ll go over some suggestions for the opposite components of the search (like these god rattling jellyfish-looking monsters).

Mushroom selecting 101

I’ve seen sufficient episodes of Survivorman to know that mushroom-picking will be harmful enterprise. However in contrast to Les Stroud, Cloud’s obtained a chocobo with a nostril for the world-famous Magonga mushrooms. You must choose 3 mushrooms for “The Spice of Life,” every one requiring your chocobo to smell out the situation.

Sadly, our green-feathered buddy typically takes some time. You’ll want to carry down “Up” on the d-pad for some time. If it’s taking too lengthy, strive transferring round on chocoback for a number of moments earlier than sniffing the air once more. After a short while, a golden path will seem, sending you to these shrooms. When you find them, it’s time to get to selecting. And that is Ultimate Fantasy VII Rebirth, so which means we’re one other mini-game!

Mushroom selecting is quite easy in idea, however difficult in follow. You’ll be requested to bend the mushroom at a number of totally different angles to find out the weakest level to the strongest. You’ll choose every angle from weakest to strongest with R2, then maintain down L2 and R2 to select the mushroom when you’ve chosen the proper order.

Determine the stiffest half first

Whereas you might want to choose the weakest a part of the mushroom first, I discovered it finest to determine which half is the stiffest, so you possibly can rule out choosing that one. You possibly can twirl the left analog stick as a lot as you need to see how versatile every portion of the mushroom is. When you’ve recognized the realm the place it bends the least, ignore that one and begin determining which of the remaining angles bends essentially the most.

Gif: Sq. Enix / Claire Jackson / Kotaku

After determining the stiffest a part of the mushroom, I like rotating the analog stick to brush by the remaining areas, paying shut consideration to the place the mushroom bends essentially the most. As soon as you work that out, begin choosing the order, weakest to strongest, to drag the mushroom, and hopefully you’ve nailed it.

It may be difficult. Actually, go forward and plant a tough save down earlier than every mushroom in the event you simply wanna save-scum it. Sadly, there isn’t a preset mixture for every mushroom, so I can’t simply inform you the order by which to do it. However ruling out the stiffest instructions first has been essentially the most dependable method.

What about these rattling jellyfish?

Oh yeah, this stuff suck. The Gorgon Manes, which seem like big flying jellyfish, rank among the many prime checklist of Most-Ache-In-The-Ass enemies of Rebirth. They are often just about impervious to assaults whereas transferring and hitting them with melee is hard—they all the time really feel simply out of attain.

Cloud strikes at a jellyfish-looking enemy while flyign through the air.

Screenshot: Sq. Enix / Claire Jackson / Kotaku

Hearth makes brief work of them, although, so I recommend having Aerith and Yuffie in your occasion. Give Aerith any materia that’ll get her ATB gauge filling up fast and depend on Hearth Ninjutsu from Yuffie to take care of these freaks.

Cloud additionally isn’t a nasty ranged fighter. You’ll must dodge with circle after which instantly begin tapping or holding sq.. Tapping will see Cloud shoot beams from his sword, whereas holding sq. will make him fly towards his enemy, combating in mid-air.

“The Spice of Life” might have a irritating mini-game, but it surely’s a cute little journey with our pal (and canonically appropriate romantic possibility) Aerith. Should you screw up the mushroom selecting half, you gained’t see a distinction in your quest rewards, however a 100% run would require you to select excellent mushrooms. You’ll be capable to restart any and all side-quests when you end the sport, nonetheless.