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FF7 Rebirth: How To Not Suck At Gears And Gambits


Ultimate Fantasy VII Rebirth actually has no scarcity of mini-games. Like the unique RPG in 1997, Rebirth has effectively over a dozen totally different sorts, a few of that are a bit simpler to know than others. Gears and Gambits, a mini-game you’ll have to win in to complete the Cosmo Canyon Protorelic arc, is maybe one of the difficult, because it requires you to construct a crew of robots and deploy them towards evil Flans.

For starters, Gears and Gambits has a complicated HUD. And the burden of needing to be taught what is actually a whole technique recreation unto itself whereas shifting by a deeply emotional narrative arc isn’t straightforward. In my case, the whiplash between shedding tears throughout cutscenes after which “oh god, I would like to concentrate to real-time technique?” was…loads. If you happen to’re combating Gears and Gambits, then the following pointers ought to allow you to out. Take it gradual, be taught the foundations of the sport, and also you’ll win. Persistence is maybe crucial tip I can present right here.

Gears and Gambits 101: The fundamentals

Gears and Gambits is similar to Fort Condor, the minigame launched in FF7 Remake’s Intergrade enlargement and reappearing in Rebirth’s Junon-area protorelic quests. In Gears and Gambits, you deploy robots to each assault a fundamental enemy and defend bases. You’ll configure their skills previous to the sport, however the robots will largely act of their very own accord. Normally, you’re making an attempt to get your robots to advance to the middle of the map to assault and defeat the primary boss whereas additionally preventing smaller enemies and defending the three crystal “bases” from which your robots will spawn.

In the course of the recreation, you’ll get three robotic fashions to spec out and construct, known as robots T1, T2, and T3. Every robotic has 5 instructions you’ll be able to configure previous to the match, starting from assaults and the way they prioritize them, to instructions to heal themselves and allies.

A screenshot of Gears and Gambits shows robots and Flans fighting.

Screenshot: Sq. Enix / Claire Jackson / Kotaku

You’ll be capable of deploy as many of those robots as you’ll be able to primarily based on how a lot your battery meter within the lower-left-hand aspect of the display is stuffed up. Which instructions you’ve configured to your robots forward of time will affect how quickly you’ll be able to deploy every mannequin.

Additionally, you will have two Portal Abilities which might be assaults, therapeutic spells, or buffs to assist your robots out. You should utilize one among every throughout a recreation and might deploy them everytime you need.

Gears and Gambits 102: Understanding elemental harm and HUD indicators

Gears and Gambits has a triangle of elemental strengths and weaknesses that’s just like Fort Condor’s Protection-Ranged-Vanguard dynamic. Fireplace is efficient towards Ice. Ice is efficient towards Lightning. Lightning is efficient towards Fireplace. That’s fairly easy, however there are some things that make studying Gears and Gambits’ HUD icons somewhat complicated.

A screenshot of Gears and Gambits shows robots and Flans fighting.

Screenshot: Sq. Enix / Claire Jackson / Kotaku

As enemies spawn and advance towards your bases, you’ll discover a well being bar and elemental signal above every enemy’s head. That is the place issues can get complicated, as you may at first assume that the fundamental signal above an enemy displays their elemental alignment. This isn’t the case: Elemental indicators above enemies’ heads point out their weak spot, so it is best to deploy robots towards these enemies which might make assaults that match that elemental alignment.

Gears and Gambits does one other factor that’s not very useful: It assigns the robotic varieties totally different colours. T1 is blue; T2 is pink; and T3 is yellow. Whereas that will match the fundamental indicators, it doesn’t imply that T1 will at all times forged Blizzard, or that T2 will forged Fireplace. Be sure to verify which skills your robots have earlier than and throughout the recreation.

When deploying a robotic, you’ll see a HUD menu on the fitting aspect that features its identify, well being, value, and elemental affinity throughout the highest row. The affinity indicator will let you know what this robotic is weak towards, not what sort of elemental assault they’ll deal. Underneath this bar you’ll see 5 entries for his or her accessible instructions, which they’ll cycle by so as from prime to backside. You’ll wish to look on the fitting aspect of every command to see which sort of elemental assault the robotic can deal. Choose the one which matches the fundamental signal on prime of an enemy with a purpose to harm it successfully.

Gears and Gambits 103: How one can configure your robots accurately

You’ll be able to select pre-made configurations for every of your three robots at the beginning of every recreation by hitting sq. (this isn’t accessible in Laborious Mode). I feel it’s greatest to start out with these, as Gears and Gambits is simply approach too complicated at first to tackle the burden of assigning instructions chances are you’ll not even be conversant in but.

A screenshot of Gears and Gambits loadout shows different options for each robot.

Screenshot: Sq. Enix / Claire Jackson / Kotaku

Getting by the primary three out of 4 matches of Gears and Gambits may be very doable with the pre-made choice. You could wish to edit them somewhat for the third one, however for those who take note of what’s occurring throughout the recreation, try to be okay. The fourth recreation is the place issues actually get powerful.

Configuring the robots for victory wasn’t straightforward, and I bumped into a whole lot of trial and error. Ultimately, this was the configuration that noticed me by the ultimate match:

T1 Robotic:

  • Elemental Weak point Precedence = Blizzard Shot
  • Ally: HP ≤ 50% – Treatment Multishot
  • Self – Haste Discipline
  • Foe – Lariat
  • Self: Modify HP & Price – HP +150

T2 Robotic:

  • Elemental Weak point Precedence = Fireplace Shot
  • Ally = Bravery Multishot
  • Foe = Lariat
  • Self: Modify HP & Price = HP +300 | Price +15
  • Self: Modify HP & Price = Price -20

T3 Robotic:

  • Elemental Weak point Precedence = Thunder Shot
  • Self = Nullemental Discipline
  • Airborne Foe Precedence = Gravity Shot
  • Foe = Lariat
  • Self: Modify HP & Price = Price -40 | HP-200

Portal Abilities:

I most popular to match the colours of the robotic with the sort of assault they might spit out, as this fashion I might simply select the blue robotic to assault with Blizzard, pink with Fireplace, and yellow with Thunder. Gears and Gambits is a fairly advanced recreation although, and there’s a good diploma of randomness in how the robots and enemies work together with one another, so chances are you’ll (and doubtless will) have to tweak the loadout that labored for me.

My total philosophy was to have the robots assault the smaller enemies as quickly as doable. That approach, if quite a lot of them have been ganging up on one among my bases, I might deploy robots that might deal with them swiftly—and who would then go on to assault the primary boss within the heart of the map. I then prioritized buffs like Haste and Nullemental Discipline in addition to Treatment Multishot and Bravery Multishot to maintain the robots healed and outputting extra harm. I hung onto Regenga as one among my Portal Abilities to bail me out of a foul scenario, and relied on Comet to speed up the harm on the primary boss as soon as they have been sufficiently surrounded by robots.

This technique may differ from yours. However I wish to stress that doing effectively in Gears and Gambits quantities to extra than simply having the fitting loadout. You could have a plan in thoughts, with selections that ought to hopefully comply with that plan, thus taking you to victory. I discovered Gears and Gambits more durable than Fort Condor at first, and extra demanding of my consideration throughout the match.

Although Gears and Gambits can really feel overwhelming and burdensome at first, I did come to love it towards the top. I additionally discovered it price pushing by, because the narrative payoff of the Cosmo Canyon Protorelics was far and away one of the memorable moments within the recreation—particularly for those who’re a fan of the unique FF7 and 2020’s Remake.

Barret and Tifa reflect on their past.

Screenshot: Sq. Enix / Claire Jackson / Kotaku

I heartily advocate placing up with what may at first really feel like a really cumbersome and inconvenient mini-game for what’s in any other case a vital story on this remake saga of FF7.