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Dragon’s Dogma 2 Gamers Are Freaking Out Over This Mysterious Contagion


One of YouTuber Ruba's Pawns in Dragon's Dogma 2 transforms into a shadowy red-eyed dragon after contracting the Dragonsplague illness.

Loads of issues can go unsuitable in Dragon’s Dogma 2. Simply final evening, I encountered a minotaur whereas working by way of a foremost quest, who whopped my ass 3 times with out fail in one of the crucial frustratingly hilarious encounters I’ve had to date. Whereas there are many emergent moments like this that’ll absolutely go away you shook, there’s additionally a mysterious affliction you’ll be able to run into that completely impacts your Pawns, and it’s inflicting mayhem each within the recreation’s world, in addition to within the on-line neighborhood surrounding it.

Dragonsplague is a mysterious sickness that solely your AI companions can develop. Because the identify suggests, Pawns initially contract the contagious virus by coming into contact with a type of big-ass flying lizards on the planet, and as the game’s pop-up message indicates, “devastating calamity” will ensue should you don’t cope with it on the onset. What do I imply right here? Properly, if any of your Pawns turn out to be troubled with Dragonsplague—both by way of shut proximity with a dragon or with one other Pawn that has the illness—then that companion will finally flip right into a shadowy dragon after resting at an inn and kill everybody within the space. And I do imply everybody, together with necessary retailers and quest-givers. It sucks as a result of outdoors of some telltale indicators—pulsing red eyes, body fatigue and headaches, and insubordination—it’s very simple to ignore the likelihood that your foremost or employed Pawn has the ick.

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This illness is at the moment the bane of Dragon’s Dogma 2 gamers’ existences. From Reddit to Twitter, people are discoursing over the dragon cooties. Some have posted warnings concerning the illness, saying Dragonsplague “bricked” their save file as a result of the contaminated Pawn changed into a Yu-Gi-Oh-like Red-Eyes Black Dragon and went completely ballistic. Others have known as it “the most batshit insane mechanic ever” and “a horrible idea” due to the in depth penalties it leaves in its wake. One redditor went so far as saying the sickness initially “ruined” their expertise till they discovered tips on how to cope with it as a result of, should you didn’t know, you can really cope with it. In accordance with redditor lightningbutt, should you fast-forward the sport by every week or so, both by way of resting at an inn or sitting on a bench, then “everyone (side and main quest NPCs) [will] respawn,” permitting you to proceed your journey uninterrupted. Thank God; I couldn’t think about everybody dying simply because I ignored my Pawn’s chilly.

Anyway, options like this are what makes Dragon’s Dogma 2 a particular recreation. There are mechanics right here which have precise penalties on you and the world, giving it a way of realism by making you simply one other character on the planet regardless of being the protagonist. Dragon’s Dogma 2 doesn’t care about your heroism. It’ll beat your ass and snigger in your face must you disregard its many interlocking programs. And that’s what I like most about this high-fantasy motion RPG. So, yeah, Dragonsplague may be a literal plague, but it surely’s additionally a cool option to breathe life into the world. If something, there are methods to cope with it, so not all is misplaced if any Pawns get contaminated. Simply discover another Pawn to cross the illness onto and allow them to fear concerning the penalties. Or, should you’re actually sadistic, simply kill them and also you’ll “remedy” their Dragonsplague as properly!