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As The Servers Shut Down, The Day Earlier than Is No Extra


Controversial, PC-only shooter The Day Earlier than is formally lifeless, barely a month and a half after its launch. Steam’s much-hyped zombie recreation, which noticed developer Fntastic shutter its doorways virtually instantly after launch, is now completely unplayable. For a couple of weeks following its disastrous debut, it existed in a state of limbo, however on January 22, The Day Earlier than’s servers have been switched off and numerous different facets related to the sport, equivalent to its official web site, not perform. RIP.

The Day Earlier than was considered one of Steam’s most wishlisted titles of 2023, whereas courting controversy amongst players and trade members. The dev group incentivized volunteers to work on the venture by providing “free codes” and “participation certificates” and in January of 2023, the sport was pulled from Valve’s recreation distribution platform over supposed trademark points that resulted in a nine-month delay. To place it bluntly, Fntastic’s zombie survival MMO has confronted a litany of issues on the highway to—and after—its early entry launch on December 7, 2023. It was a dramatic saga that resulted in flames as The Day Earlier than had ceased operations mere days after its large launch on Steam.

Now, as reported by IGN, the sport’s servers are formally lifeless and buried. We already knew that The Day Earlier than’s servers would shut down at this time; Fntastic said as much on X/Twitter on December 22. Nicely, the time has come. Pour one out for The Day Earlier than, y’all.

The newly lifeless servers aren’t the one indication that the sport, and the group behind it, are fading away like The Avengers after the snap. Fntastic hasn’t tweeted since that December 22 announcement, The Day Before’s website license has expired, and Fntastic’s website is now only a JPEG asserting the studio’s closure as of December 12. That’s a lifeless recreation if I’ve ever seen one.

Across the time that The Day Earlier than was burning down, writer Mytona promised that refunds would get issued robotically to any participant who requested one. Curiously, if you check Mytona’s website now, The Day Earlier than shouldn’t be listed wherever. It appears we’re again to the day earlier than The Day Earlier than got here out. Shit occurs, amirite?

Kotaku has reached out to Mytona for remark.

The Day Earlier than wasn’t a very good recreation. It had game-breaking bugs that blocked progress, glitches that noticed environments disappear, flaws that induced characters to get caught on the earth, and many more problems. Perhaps it’s higher that the sport received taken out to pasture, however with 2023 seeing 60 video games die and this yr seeing greater than 3,400 trade layoffs in simply its first few weeks, it’s nonetheless a bummer when any recreation will get killed off because the trade slowly consolidates and retracts.