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Ahsoka Episode 7 Evaluate: Very A lot A Star Wars Present


The newest episode of the Ahsoka Disney Plus sequence felt prefer it was transferring all of the vital chess items across the board. And for good purpose—the subsequent episode is its final, so showrunner Dave Filoni had to ensure Ahsoka Tano (Rosario Dawson), Sabine Wren (Natasha Liu Bordizzo), and the newly rediscovered Ezra Bridger (Eman Esfandi) had been all in the identical place, so they might tackle Grand Admiral Thrawn (Lars Mikkelsen).

The results of all these items transferring round is a strong, although largely unremarkable episode.

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It could have been titled “Desires and Insanity,” however there’s nothing mad right here—simply your typical Star Wars fare: a cameo, a group of lightsaber fights, humorous little creatures throwing rocks at unhealthy guys, and Thrawn taking part in 4D chess. Let’s get into Ahsoka episode seven.

Hera Syndulla stands in front of senators on Coruscant.

Screenshot: Lucasfilm / Kotaku

Trials and tribulations

The episode begins with one thing of a chilly open: Hera is getting dressed down by Senator Hamato Xiono, who’s indignant that she ignored direct orders and introduced her fleet to Seatos to assist Ahsoka. Right here is the one actual nod to the episode’s title, as Xiono suggests Hera’s story of Jedi, false Jedi, and star whales, “reads like a toddler’s fairy story.” Fortunately they’ve put Mary Elizabeth Winstead in an outfit that doesn’t appear to be it’s from Spirit Halloween, with a lot softer colours and tones, so I can watch Hera cop an angle with out wincing an excessive amount of at how overly saturated she is from head to toe.

Xiono loudly denounces the whole lot Hera says, and suggests she “abuses her authority for private acquire” and must be court-martialed. Should you didn’t hate Xiono earlier than this, you definitely do now. However fortunately, we’ve received a cameo sweeping in to avoid wasting her on the final second: C3P0, right here on behalf of Senator Leia Organa. We’re, gratefully, spared any type of digital resurrection of Carrie Fisher, as 3P0 acts as Leia’s mouthpiece, saying that she had personally okayed Hera’s mission to Seatos. Xiono calls C3P0 a “mere droid,” which riles Chopper up (remember, Chopper *will* kill you).

3P0’s presence settles all this drama, and Xiono has to tuck his tail between his legs and drop his accusations. Mon Mothma pulls Hera apart and tells her she is aware of this was all a ruse, which provides us yet one more little second to understand how good Winstead is on this position, and the way she manages to shine beneath a lot make-up, prosthetics, and uncanny contacts. Hera assures her that, regardless of positively perhaps not getting approval from Leia earlier than going to Seatos, the mission was needed—all of their worst fears may come true if Thrawn returns. Nonetheless, Hera’s remaining line is a stark reminder that Filoni struggles to put in writing dialogue, as “put together for the worst, and hope for one of the best” falls flat.

With the chilly open carried out, we choose again up with the purrgil, who’re nonetheless on their migratory journey with Ahsoka and Huyang in tow. Ahsoka is working lightsaber drills, and we’re blessed with one other have a look at Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywalker—she’s watching one among his coaching holograms as she practices. “As your Grasp, it’s my duty to organize you, so observe these types typically…or not less than greater than I do,” he says, with a smirk. We’ve hardly ever gotten an opportunity to see this facet of Anakin in stay motion, and Christensen performs it so very nicely. As an Anakin apologist, I used to be delighted to see him once more, and when Ahsoka bows her earlier than his hologram and he does so in return, it looks like a well-earned second cameo, not only a typical Star Wars reveal shoe-horned into an episode.

A hologram of a Clone Wars-era Anakin Skywalker.

Screenshot: Lucasfilm / Kotaku

When Anakin’s hologram glints away, Ahsoka tells Huyang that he made twenty of those coaching recordings for her, and that was his final one. Huyang is considerably shocked by his thoughtfulness, appearing as a conduit for these Star Wars followers who didn’t watch The Clone Wars, and by no means noticed the depth of Anakin’s character.

Huyang lets Ahsoka know that the purrgil have slowed down, which leads him to imagine they’re reaching their vacation spot. The 2 enter the cockpit and talk about how they’ll discover Sabine, with Ahsoka assuring Huyang that if she finds the enemy—who Sabine got here with—she’ll discover her apprentice. Huyang is skeptical, noting that the percentages of that occuring are “horrible, astronomically horrible.” Ahsoka jokes with him, asking why he didn’t inform her sooner, with a sly grin on her face—Dawson has brilliantly shifted how she performs the character, imbuing her with a lightness that’s paying homage to her youthful self. It’s beautiful to see, and a testomony to her expertise as an actor that she will make this shift with out it feeling compelled.

However earlier than we will get extra Ahsoka razzing Huyang content material, we uncover that the poor purrgil have flown immediately into a large minefield surrounding the planet Thrawn and firm are on. We get a enjoyable little area motion sequence right here, with Ahsoka winding by the mines to keep away from getting taken out. They descend into the creepy particles discipline (it’s purrgil bones, keep in mind), and hunker down to cover.

Thrawn, ever the analyst, has now realized that Ahsoka’s grasp was Anakin Skywalker, a person with whom he labored intently throughout a Clone Wars mission (followers of the Thrawn: Alliance novel, which brings the 2 collectively, had been definitely happy at this nod). You may inform he’s able to leverage this in opposition to her, and perceive why he decides to name off the ships chasing her to see what she does subsequent.

However Filoni’s dialogue issues are evident on this second, as Thrawn says in a single breath that Ahsoka can be unpredictable like her grasp, and within the different that he’ll let her go down her personal path in order that they will keep one step forward of her. Lady, what? How is she unpredictable however in a position to be predicted by you? Thrawn’s good, however not that good.

Sabine looks annoyed while Ezra looks like he's trying to talk his way out of a tense situation.

Screenshot: Lucasfilm

Sabine and Ezra

Should you didn’t watch Rebels, you may not know that Sabine and Ezra have traditionally acted like bratty siblings with one another. After we see the 2 of them using in a caravan with all the lovable little crab guys from the final episode, chatting and verbally jabbing at one another, it may very nicely be a scene pulled straight from the animated sequence. Bordizzo and Esfandi have easy chemistry collectively, and their banter feels actual and well-established. Sabine and Ezra grew up collectively, in any case, and you may simply fall again into your outdated dynamic with somebody you grew up with even for those who haven’t seen them in a decade.

However Sabine received’t give Ezra all the main points on what’s occurring, as a result of she is aware of he’s going to get pissed at her. So as an alternative, she goes again over the whole lot he’s missed, implying that the 2 spent the time between episodes catching him up. “The Emperor died?” he asks. “That’s what individuals say,” Sabine says, a nod to the very unlucky “somehow Palpatine returned” bit from The Rise of Skywalker.

As Sabine and Ezra chat, Ahsoka reaches out to her from her ship orbiting the planet. Huyang is skeptical that their bond is robust sufficient, however Ahsoka proves him mistaken as soon as once more, and we get a quick scene that echoes those between Rey and Kylo Ren in The Final Jedi—Sabine can see Ahsoka, Ahsoka can see Sabine, and now she is aware of simply the place to seek out her apprentice. However on the identical time, the Nightsisters have, at Thrawn’s request, additionally found the placement of Ahsoka, and due to this fact Ezra and Sabine. And keep in mind, Baylan Skoll and Shin Hati are on the lookout for the newly reunited besties as nicely, so Ahsoka is actually funneling each main character to the very same level.

Baylan Skoll and Shin Hati sit on Howlers, Shin reaches for her comm device on her wrist.

Screenshot: Lucasfilm / Kotaku

Baylan and Shin’s relationship is shocking, nevertheless, and a reminder that these two are neither Jedi nor Sith, however one thing far much less concrete. Whereas, traditionally, Sith masters and their apprentices have betrayed and/or killed one another in a ceaseless quest for extra energy (Rely Dooku and Asajj Ventress, Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine, Kylo Ren and Snoke), Baylan merely releases Shin from her apprenticeship, suggesting that she go tackle Ezra and Sabine solo whereas he forges forward on his personal, nonetheless unclear quest. The look on her face is one among utter confusion—what has she been following this man for? Baylan doesn’t even need a “place within the coming Empire,” he needs one thing fully totally different, and Shin is clearly at a loss. However he leaves her with one parting lesson: “Impatience for victory will assure defeat.” And as soon as once more, the late Ray Stevenson shines in his position, including layers of which means to a person who so typically speaks in motivational posters. What’s he cooking up there? We’ll definitely discover out, although not on this episode.

Shin and the planet’s bandits go after Sabine and Ezra, who actually circle the wagons of their armored caravan (designed to appear to be the shells the Noti put on on their backs) to guard themselves. Star Wars is an area western, keep in mind, and Dave Filoni needs to make sure you don’t ever neglect that. This complete scene feels so totally and fully true to the franchise, with hazard and loss of life punctuated by humorous little quips from Ezra and bodily comedy from the Noti, who chuck rocks at their attackers whereas emitting humorous little squeaks. Even the dearth of stakes is inherently old-school Star Wars—it by no means actually looks as if anybody is in peril, even when Shin descends on a weaponless Ezra and Sabine, however then once more, did you ever actually really feel like Luke, Han, and Leia had been gonna die within the trash compactor?

Sabine, Ahsoka, and Ezra look upwards, their backs to the camera.

Screenshot: Lucasfilm / Kotaku

The gang’s all right here

The battle between Ezra, Sabine, and Shin is strong, particularly when Ezra initially refuses to seize a weapon and simply makes use of the Power to push enemies away and cease an incoming lightsaber swing. However “Desires and Insanity” is one thing of a ceaseless swap between quips and motion, and by the point it reaches the midway level I’m virtually uninterested in it.

Even Ahsoka preventing Baylan, which takes place as she’s en path to Sabine, feels prefer it’s thrown in there simply to get some extra laser swords within the combine. They don’t battle for lengthy, nor do they ever actually look like they’re going to kill one another, and Ahsoka makes use of the coverfire from her ship to flee on the again of his Howler in a cloud of smoke. Baylan, bemused, merely turns away from her and forges onward, vacation spot unknown.

Again with the Noti caravan, Shin is closing in on Sabine and Ezra, the latter of whom remains to be quipping away like he spent his time in exile watching holovids of Han Solo standup. In fact, they aren’t going to die, as Ashoka slides in on the Howler to avoid wasting the day.

As they battle, Thrawn watches over his digital battlefield, and proves as soon as once more that he’s essentially the most galaxy-brained individual within the, nicely, galaxy. He doesn’t perceive why Baylan is absent from the battle, however he’s okay with these losses within the face of that absence, and considers this primary standoff in opposition to Ahsoka Tano a win for the baddies. “Ahsoka Tano has misplaced the one factor she couldn’t afford to lose as we speak. Time.” Thrawn notes that every one of this preventing has given him sufficient time to load the ship with all his treasured cargo, and decides to withdraw his troops in order that they will escape.

Grand Admiral Thrawn and Morgan Elsbeth look at a hologram tactical map.

Screenshot: Lucasfilm / Kotaku

Poor Shin Hati. Within the span of thirty minutes, the little feral factor is deserted not as soon as, however twice. All of Thrawn’s troops retreat, leaving her confused and alone. “Give up your weapon. I can assist you,” Ahsoka says, as Shin appears at her with the identical look my youngest cat had after I first discovered him dwelling in an deserted constructing. She’s received nowhere to go, however is clearly confused a couple of Jedi providing peace, contemplating all that she’s heard of them. So, wanting like she’s about to burst into tears, she activates her heel and sprints away. Ahsoka stops Sabine from pursuing her (the shippers get a crumb more fodder), and the three have a correct reunion.

The stilted dialogue returns but once more (“Ahsoka, I believed you had been useless.” “And miss this reunion?” gave me hives), however I can attempt to overlook it when the appearing is on level, and it’s right here. As soon as once more, Dawson performs Ahsoka with a perpetual wry smile, and her real snigger after she hugs Ezra is a delight. Because the three smile at one another, Huyang sweeps in with Ahsoka’s ship, and the Noti emerge from their armored caravans to adorably coo and gesticulate.

“Guys, I’m getting a sense. I believe I could be going dwelling in any case,” Ezra says because the music swells. I wouldn’t be so positive about that, dude.

Subsequent week, we’ll see if Ahsoka and firm can catch Thrawn earlier than he jets again to their galaxy. The ultimate episode of Ahsoka season one airs October 3 at 9 p.m. EST on Disney Plus.

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